Microsoft’s Satya Nadella named as most influential tech CEO by Juniper Research

Microsoft's Satya Nadella named as most influential tech CEO by Juniper Research

If there is one thing that has become apparent during Satya Nadella’s current stint as CEO, it is that he has been quite successful in maintaining a high public profile. More so than other heads of massive technological corporations, through a series of increasingly interesting developments, Nadella has shifted Microsoft’s direction and in doing so has struck a significant PR victory.

This is reflected by a new study, courtesy of Juniper Research, which has named Nadella as the current most influential CEO of a technology company, beating out the likes of Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, the list proves to be something of an eye opener, with many likely suspects failing to make the grade. Behind Nadella, in second place, was Apple design supremo Jony Ive.

Included too in the list were the heads of Razer, Xiaomi, Uber, Netflix, Alibaba, Amazon and Tesla, with one figure from Google included too, Paul Eremenko (Google ATAP Director). If this list goes to show anything, it is that the traditional power structures of tech are beginning to shift in interesting ways.

Do you think Nadella’s performance so far has been good or bad? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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