Microsoft to name new Xbox console Xbox 8? -
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Microsoft to name new Xbox console Xbox 8?

Microsoft have today gained access to many domains that all relate to the Xbox. More specifically, a few of these domains include Xbox 8, which has stirred up some rumours on whether the company has plans on naming the next Xbox the Xbox 8.

Microsoft to name new Xbox console Xbox 8? - - July 3, 2012

Microsoft have gained access to a number of new domains regarding the Xbox, they include,,,, and All these domains relate to the Xbox (obviously). Two of these domains have caught the eye of the public, and Could Microsoft be naming the next gen Xbox the Xbox 8?

Thinking about it, it makes sense. It would fall in line with synergy across Microsoft products, that being Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and then Xbox 8. Also, if you lay the number 8 on it's side, it turns into the infinite symbol. That's a great advertising segment right there.

"Xbox 8 - Lay it on it's side and unveil infinite possibilities!" Yes, that was my own tagline. Don't mock me.

Obviously, this is just speculation and it could just be all for nothing. Microsoft like to register domains of the unlikely sometimes, incase anti-Xbox groups decide to make a horrible website about the console.

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