Microsoft (MSFT) news recap: Facebook joins Office 365, Worldwide Partner Conference and more

Dennis Bednarz

Microsoft (MSFT) news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Facebook moves to Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud

At the Worldwide Partner Conference 2016, Microsoft announced that Facebook will use Office 365 and the Microsoft cloud to help their 13,000 employees optimise their workflow and get more done.

This change will benefit both companies and just adds to the fact that Facebook thinks “Microsoft got cool again”. The two companies have been seen working together before, and one fruit of that is the universal Facebook and Messenger apps for Windows 10.

Microsoft Research creates fellowship program to support women in computing

Microsoft Research has had a lot of women leading the different projects going on over at the division. Now Microsoft decided to start a new fellowship program to support women in that regard.

The fellowships directly support female computer scientists as they pursue graduate studies, providing $20,000 for tuition and conference travel and more.

Microsoft and Ohio’s Cuyahoga Country form partnership to bring technology to Education

Cuyahoga County of Cleveland, Ohio, residents will be taking training skill courses in computing thanks to a new partnership and resources provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft Mobile unit in Vietnam sold to FoxConn subsidiary

The manufacturing unit of Microsoft Mobile has been sold to a Foxconn subsidiary which now officially confirms that the Lumia line is gone. This followed shortly after the announcement of the Finnish phone unit closure.

Microsoft wins 2nd US District court appeal on Irish email case

Microsoft has been fighting a long battle with the US government over a case where an Irish citizen held documents in a Microsoft controlled data centre, but on Irish soil. The company lost its last round, but now, Microsoft has won its appeal.

Microsoft and Risual partnering to create academies to fight the UK digital skills gap

Microsoft and Risual created a partnership to fight the lack of digital knowledge many UK individuals have. The partnership will create academies that will try to stabilise the common knowledge of electronics, technology, the internet and more.

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

The three days of the Microsoft WPC brought us loads of information and one of them being the Facebook joining Office 365 story mentioned above.

The link above covers everything you need to know about the conference hosted a few days ago. There is everything from the beginning to the end of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference of 2016.

The European Commission joins Microsoft in adopting EU-US privacy shield

This new privacy shield will ensure users privacy and security, but also protect businesses and companies alike.

After the European Court of Justice ruled last October that the Safe Harbour framework was invalid, a new framework was necessary to take its place with more defined requirements. Microsoft was quick to sign up and the results are now showing.

Microsoft will bet you a new laptop that it can upgrade your PC to Windows 10

Now to the fun part. Microsoft recently made a bold claim that they can upgrade your PC by the end of the day, and if they don’t, you get a free laptop from them, running Windows 10. This seems like a pretty good deal, but keep in mind that the PC has to be compatible with the system requirements.

Let’s see what next week will bring us.