Microsoft moving Xbox 360 storage into the cloud

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Microsoft plans on moving saved data and gamertag information into the cloud very soon. Originally announced at E3 2011, Microsoft is hard at work on allowing Xbox 360 owners to access their content on any Xbox 360 console without having to rely on transporting a hard drive or memory card.

This new cloud-based storage solution will be secure, according to Microsoft. Users will be able to log into any console and bring up their saved games. Users will also be able to access their achievements, friends lists, and marketplace points directly from the cloud.

This feature can be used as a backup solution in case a users’ Xbox 360 console fails. When a user replaces their malfunctioning console, the user will not have to worry about transferring all their data. Instead, users can now immediately access their content driectly from the cloud.

At this point in time, Xbox Live Arcade titles are the only games utilizing cloud storage. Microsoft is working on rolling out this service one stage at a time. Microsoft plans on supporting all Xbox Live titles once the fall Xbox 360 UI update is released.

Microsoft originally showed off this cool new feature at E3 2011.

Microsoft’s rival, Sony, on the other hand, has already been offering cloud-based storage for gaming data. Since March of 2011, PlayStation 3 users can upload 150MB of saved game data into the cloud. Nintendo has yet to announce a similar solution.

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