Microsoft is moving from the Windows Phone Support Twitter page over to Lumia Help

Email Twitter: @JonnyACaldwell Sep 16th, 2015 inNews

Microsoft will be discontinuing its Windows Phone Support Twitter page in favor of its new Lumia Help twitter page. Event though Microsoft’s Windows Phones are increasing in marketshare in various international markets, the company has opted to stick with its Lumia branding. Moving to the Lumia branding is arguably a twofold approach for Microsoft. Very soon, Microsoft will be unveiling a new operating system for phones and in doing so, moving from its ‘Windows Phone’ branding in favor of Windows 10 Mobile.

However, this means that instead of going to @WinPhoneSupport for help with Windows Phones, users will instead go to @LumiaHelp for any question they might have about their devices. Meanwhile manufacturers such as Acer, Blu, and HTC who also make their own Windows phones handsets will seemingly be left out in the cold from Microsoft branded support. Its is arguable that Microsoft/Nokia Lumia make up the majority share of devices sold, thus making this a non-story for many. The Twitter handle change while in line with Microsoft’s branding efforts may still be a little bit confusing to Windows Phone users who don’t use Lumia devices.

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