Microsoft moves on from Windows 10 Mobile as it yanks definition from Windows SDK

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The death of Windows phone has been widely covered and for most, the reality of development for the platform has finally sunk in. For anyone toting a Windows phone going into 2018, Microsoft confirmed in a series of painful tweets that the mobile OS is on life support at best.

Further hammering the nail of discontent home for Windows phone users is a discovery by the WalkingCat in the latest Windows 10 SDK that points to the Windows engineers officially moving beyond recognizing Windows 10 Mobile as a viable platform.

Microsoft moves on from windows 10 mobile as it yanks definition from windows sdk - onmsft. Com - december 29, 2017The latest Windows 10 SDK has removed the PRODUCT_MOBILE_CORE from the listed targeted versions of Windows 10. The removal effectively extinguishes any hope of further development coming down the pipe for Windows 10 Mobile or any phones carrying the OS. At best, users can hope for some security patches rolled into a cumulative update here and there in 2018.

As a former Windows phone devotee, the news still stings a bit. Hopefully, Microsoft and its Windows team have a plan going forward that will help bridge its Mixed Reality and Windows 10 efforts across the increasing number of mobile devices a single user is adding to their evolving flow of personal computing.

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