Microsoft moved Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Stores to Azure.. on Thanksgiving Day.. in 23 minutes

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We've all heard stories from retail workers about what a disaster Black Friday can be, but how many stories have you heard that depicts the utter chaos of running the IT operation on that critical eve of sales craziness? Microsoft used its latest blog post to share the story of Navaneetha Krishnan Thankanadar, the principal service engineering manager in Microsoft IT, and his 23-minute rush to move retail operations to the cloud.


The story is exceptionally well-written and does a good job of portraying what kind of pressure IT professionals are in when they have to manage the incredible amounts of money being tossed around during the dreaded Black Friday season. It also, as these blogs often are, is an excellent showcase of why Azure - and the cloud in general - is making so many strides in technology of all kinds. We won't spoil the story for you here, but it's an inspiring show of confidence that, with the right tools and planning, you can make any crunch time work in your favor.


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