Microsoft briefly shows new media player app for Windows 11

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft is working on a new media player app for Windows 11 that the Windows Insider team briefly showed during the latest Windows Insider podcast yesterday. The video has since been set to private on YouTube, but not before some eagle-eyed users manage to share some images of the new media player app on Twitter.

The Microsoft Movies & TV app is currently the default video player on Windows 10 and Windows 11, but this app barely evolved in recent years. It’s not clear yet if this new Media Player app will eventually replace the existing Movies & TV app on Windows 11, but the new app already looks slightly more modern and features new Shuffle and Replay buttons on the bottom navigation bar.

Windows 11 new media player app

The fact that the Windows Insider quickly removed the video suggests that this new media player app could be in its early stages of development. Even though Windows 11 will be officially released next week on October 5, we haven’t really seen all new Windows 11 features yet and the promised Android apps integration won’t be available at launch.

With Microsoft releasing new Windows 11 Insider builds almost every week, we may not have to wait too long before the Windows Insider team is ready to share more details about this new Media Player app. In the meantime, various Windows 11 inbox apps including Mail & Calendar, Calculator, and Clock have received a fresh coat of paint.