Microsoft Mechanics walks through Microsoft Teams, watch it here

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Microsoft has just wrapped up its Office event in New York where it officially unveiled Microsoft Teams, a new chat-based workspace built from the ground up on Office 365. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at the beginning of the keynote, Microsoft Teams has been designed to help companies using Office 365 “transform the art of teams” through a customizable tool that brings together chat, video meetings, notes and third-party extensions.

To get started with the new member of the Office 375 family, the company has just published a 13 minutes video on its Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel that details everything from the activation process to customization for every teams.

So far, Microsoft Teams looks like a solid competitor to the business-focused messaging app Slack thanks to its threaded chats, built-in integrations with other Office 365 apps and third-party extensibility. As a reminder, the new tool is available in preview today for for Office 365 Business and Enterprise suites and will become generally available in the first quarter of 2017. Let us know in the comments if you think Microsoft’s new service has enough features to help teams become more agile.

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