Microsoft may release a Surface phone next year

Microsoft is reportedly ‘considering’ releasing new handset hardware built by them, sources tell BGR and The Verge. The phone is in late stages of development and will not be available this year. Would this be the right move for the company?

Due to poor Windows Phone adoption rates, Microsoft may be taking matters into their own hands. The phone would be launched with the “Surface” title in the first half of 2013. After announcing their own tablet, this move makes sense for Microsoft, as they want to jumpstart their OEMs a bit and get some quality devices in the market to compete with Android and iOS. RIM said last week that they “have a clear shot at third place”, which is for sure fighting words. With RIM’s new BB10 OS, competition will be stiff next year. Hopefully Microsoft will be up to the challenge.

Would you be excited to see Microsoft making their own Windows phone?

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