Microsoft may bring back Double Tap to Wake on Lumia 950 if enough people want it -
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Microsoft may bring back Double Tap to Wake on Lumia 950 if enough people want it

Sometimes when you want to turn on your phone, you just don't want to go about pressing a button. It may seem like an incredibly trivial problem - and sure, it mostly is - but in a world where pretty much all of our interaction with our phones takes place on the touch screen, it's a little bit odd when you have to use a physical button again. Beyond that, on the unfortunate occasion that something happens to your power button, it's nice to have another way to get into your device or if you want a quick glance at the clock.

It's in the interest of solving this problem that people are pushing to get Double Tap to Wake put in as a feature on their Lumia 950 devices. If implemented, this feature would allow people to just double tap their screen to turn it on instead of pressing the power button on the side of the device. Gabe Aul recently responded to a request to implement this feature, and while it's not the answer that people necessarily want, it's not entirely negative.

In this tweet, Gabe confirms that the addition of double tap is a "common request" and it can be implemented if enough people upvote it in the Windows 10 feedback hub. The top request for the feature on the Windows hub right now is up at around 70 upvotes, and there are several other instances of requests for the feature that have 40 or more.


At the end of the day, whether or not the feature comes to Lumia 950 is up to how much people want it. The Windows 10 Feedback option is there for a reason, and it's the best way that Windows 10 users have to communicate with the people running the show over at Microsoft. Here's hoping that enough upvotes come to this feature that Microsoft decides to do something about it.

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