Microsoft may announce its new CEO next week, place your bets on Satya Nadella

After weeks of waiting and several rounds of rumors, Microsoft may finally announce its new CEO next week. According to Recode, which has spoken to “numerous sources close to Microsoft,” word is that Satya Nadella​ is a favorite for the spot.

The executive VP of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise division, Nadella has spent decades inside the Redmond giant spearheading a gamut of responsibilities. And unlike many other rumored potentials, Nadella is one of the few who actually has a technical background. 

After 160 days of Steve Ballmer’s retirement announcement, sources still chalk out over the other top candidates, Tony Bates and Stephen Elop, for taking away the mantle. 

To sum things up, outsiders, no matter how lucrative it may have seemed at some point, Ford’s Alan Mulally, Ericsson’s Hans Vestberg and Qualcomm’s Steve Mollenkopf have pretty much confirmed their motives in not being the next Microsoft’s CEO. And, for the love of humanity, Bill Gates isn’t coming back either. 

And until we do have a definite name, all we can do is wait. Just like folks over at Microsoft are doing. “We aren’t doing anything but waiting. No one knows what the new CEO will want, so no one knows what to do.”

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