Microsoft Match aims to be a matchmaker for users and devices

Microsoft Match

Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match find me a tablet, catch me a desktop. A new marketing strategy from Microsoft and Staples called Microsoft Match is trying to do just that by helping you know which type of device is best for you.

In order to help customers know whether they need a desktop, 2-1, tablet, or laptop Microsoft Match asks you the following six questions.

  • Do you mostly surf the internet and check email?
  • Do you put your device to work with Microsoft Office?
  • Will you be editing photos and graphics?
  • Do you work on video editing, CAD or visual design?
  • Do you use your device when you’re on the go?
  • Do you prefer a touch screen?

You answer those with a simple yes or no through clicking a check or an ‘x.’ When you’re done they show you which type of device is best for you and then offer suggestions within that type range.

For me it did accurately suggest that I get a 2-1 device, which is what I do prefer to use, but it’s hard to know if their specifically suggested devices are tailored for me or more part of marketing.

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