Microsoft is making it a bit more enticing to be a volume licensing customer

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Volume licensing is no stranger to big software vendors, Microsoft in particular, with its key customer base being in the enterprise sector. Microsoft is now making some changes to the way volume licensing works that the company claims will make the process easier and more in line with customer needs, announces World Wide Licensing & Pricing General Manager Richard Smith on the company’s Technet blog.

The first change is to push the minimum Enterprise Agreement (EA) commitment for new Enterprise Enrollments or Enterprise Subscription Enrollments customers from 250 to 500 users or devices. This means what it says: at least 500 users or devices will be needed to maintain the agreement for one of the two above enrollment options. After the expiration of the EA, if the user base is less than 500, customers will have the option to either extend it only once for another 36 months, or switch to the below alternatives.

For those whose organization stays in the 250 to 499 users or devices or less, either new or after the original EA has expired, Microsoft will be directing them to two “modern volume licensing solutions” that the company believes will be more in line with customers’ current purchasing tendencies, which seems to be increasingly about the cloud and hybrid solutions..

The first is Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), which allows customers to buy all software and cloud services with one agreement, for either short or long-term duration. The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) on the other hand, focus more on Microsoft’s cloud services and partners. Both of these options have no minimum requirements.

The changes will come into effect starting July 1, 2016, giving Microsoft customers some leeway to start planning ahead. Customers in the Public Sector and Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) will also not be affected.

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