Microsoft makes purchasing from Windows Phone Store super-simple with operator billing

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Microsoft makes purchasing from windows phone store super-simple with operator billing

Microsoft thinks buying apps and making in-app purchases shouldn't be hard. In a blog post on Nokia Conversations, Microsoft talks about how they have enabled easier app purchases with operator billing. Operator billing may not seem like a hot ticket item but for many across the world this is the only way they can buy apps.

Singapore is actually the first country for all of their mobile networks to offer operator billing on their Windows Phones. This is good for Windows Phone users in Singapore and for all developers looking to monetize their apps.

With operator billing enabled developers see more of their paid apps being downloaded. This encourages better apps and more dedicated development.  Even in markets where credit cards are common, operator billing being introduced increases app purchasing.

Now for more and more users taping 'buy' becomes an choice they get to make. Don't worry about security though. If you have set a pin to protect purchases on your phone, you still need to enter it to make any final purchases. 

Microsoft is not giving up and they are continuously working to sign more operators up. Currently there are 64 operators worldwide which take advantage of operator billing on Windows Phone.

What about you? Does your operator allow you to add purchases to the bill? Do you pay for apps some other way?

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