Microsoft makes Ponemon's list of top 20 most trusted companies for privacy

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Microsoft top 20 security list

Microsoft has made it at number seventeen on Ponemon's top-twenty list of the most trusted companies for privacy. For those that didn't know, Ponemon Institute conducts studies on privacy and security. Unfortunately, Apple and Google did not make the list.

"Ponemon Institute’s Most Trusted Companies for Privacy Study is an objective study that asks consumers to name and rate organizations they believe are most committed to protecting the privacy of their personal information. This annual study tracks consumers’ rankings of organizations that collect and manage their personal information.
More than 100,000 adult-aged consumers were asked to name up to five companies they believe to be the most trusted for protecting the privacy of their personal information," the report mentions.

Ponemon gathered responses over a 15 week period ending December of 2012. There were a total of 6,704 people who participated in the study and results found that American Express was the most trusted company when it comes to privacy. Microsoft ranked at 17th place while Mozilla ended the top-twenty list at 20th place.

Other notable results from the study found that 59% of those who participated think their privacy is diminished thanks to disruptive technologies such as social media, smartphones, and geo-tracking tools. 55% of those who participated believe that the government intrudes on their privacy somehow. "We believe this research provides an unambiguous measure of how consumers perceive the privacy and personal data protection practices of specific organizations. While perception is not a perfect substitute for reality, in our experience this aggregated consumer view is an important indicator," the study adds. Hit the source link for the full study.

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