Microsoft makes spooky for Halloween

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Halloween is just two days away here in the United States, and Microsoft wants to make sure you’re festive for the moment. The company is making the inboxes of beta users spooky for Halloween, complete with ghosts and a dark theme.

The spooky features are turned on by pressing the orange pumpkin next to the settings icon on the top right-hand side of beta. This turns on a dark mode, and add a ghost to the right-hand side of the UI when no emails are open. The toggle also adds bats to the search bar for an even spookier experience.

These Haloween themed features are cool but are still not nearly as impressive as when the company last transformed beta for Talk Like a Pirate day. Feel free to check it out for yourself, and if you so happen to enjoy the dark theme, also consider voting on it to keep it permanent!

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