Microsoft makes bigger commitment to electronics recycling

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Microsoft makes bigger commitment to electronics recycling

Computers and other electronics present a unique problem when it comes time to dispose of them. The innards of many device are not particularly friendly to the environment. Some company's sponsor recycling programs to responsibly dispose of discarded items, and Microsoft is one of them. Now the company is taking a further step in a new partnership just announced. 

"Earlier this week Microsoft, along with organizations like Goodwill Industries, Xerox and Sony America, were announced as founding members of R2 Leaders. R2 Leaders are organisations that encourage use of the R2 Standard and have demonstrated a commitment to the safe, sensible and sustainable repair and recycling of used electronics", says Microsoft's Josh Henretig. 

R2 is a standard for how to properly dispose of or recycle used electronic devices. However, Microsoft points out that it was already following many of the practices set forth in those guidelines. The company offers several different programs for recycling, but this move will bring it inline with industry standards. 

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