Microsoft Lumia 950 now listed on the online Microsoft Store

Jonny Caldwell

For those of you eagerly waiting for the Lumia 950 to appear on the Microsoft Store, Microsoft has finally added the phone to its online retail listings. There are two listings for the phone. One phone is locked to the AT&T network, and one is available unlocked.
Unfortunately the phone isn’t yet available for customers to order, but you can see all of the device details and specifications. And the good news is that the specifcations show that Lumia 950 supports the new Wireless Qi charging, unlike the Lumia 1520 which didn’t and caused some to be disappointed.
It’s worth noting that the site says the Lumia 950 is “Windows Hello Ready.” Are you excited about the availability of the Lumia 950? We’d love to hear what your thoughts are in the comments below!
Check out the AT&T Lumia 950 and unlocked Lumia 950.
Thanks Mark for sending this in!