Microsoft Lumia 532 soon to be available in India


The Lumia 532, one of the most recent Windows Phone devices announced by Microsoft, is expected to be available soon for users in India. 

Having been spotted by import-tracking site Zauba, the phone is expected to be made ready for purchase within the next two to three weeks and ought to be priced between RNR 6,999 ($112) and RNR 7,499 ($120). 

A refresh of last year’s Lumia 530, the newer device sports the same processor and screen size and resolution, but comes touting a healthy 1GB of RAM. This in turn ought to future-proof it slightly, especially with Windows 10’s inexorable advance.


The phone will also sport a 5MP rear-facing fixed-focus camera, and a new addition, a VGA front-facing camera for low resolution Skype calls. 30GB of OneDrive space is also included, making this quite an attractive proposition for the budget-minded buyer.

Do you live in India? Will you be picking up the Lumia 532? Let us know in the comments below.

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