Microsoft loves getting feedback from gamers, day one update required for Xbox One

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After an overwhelming response of negativity towards the Xbox One's always online and DRM requirements, Microsoft revealed some changes today. On top of which, Microsoft also mentioned that there would be a "day one" update for the Xbox One, upon its release.

"There was always going to be a day one update on the console, and that’s frankly just a difference in manufacturing schedules versus software schedules. We just wanted to be clear that that hasn't changed, that you have to go online to get the software update for day one, then you wouldn't have to be connected after that," Microsoft stated in an interview with IGN. The Xbox One will still, however, require the Kinect in order to play games. Microsoft explains that the Kinect is a "really critical part of the architecture" and wants the Kinect to be completely consistent for users.

Microsoft also mentioned during the interview that they love getting feedback from gamers. In fact, Microsoft still believes in how games and entertainment is transformed by being connected to the internet and being powered by the cloud.

"But as part of making the changes to allow you to use physical discs the way that you do today, what’s going to happen is your online games and your physical games will work like they do today. That does mean that features like Family Sharing won’t be there. Another example that we think is awesome is that when you move to any Xbox One, the ability to see all of your games in your Games Library. While you’ll clearly only see the ones that you downloaded online, you’d have to bring your physical discs for the other ones," Microsoft explains.

Having an online connection may be optional after today's announcement but that's not stopping Microsoft from believing that the majority of Xbox One users will be in the connected state. "We believe that most people, frankly, are going to continue to take advantage of the connected state and all that comes with it," Microsoft explains.

As for physical discs, Microsoft sees potential in having it and sees a lot of positive things about it. In fact, once you insert the game disc, the game will be installed to the hard drive but you will still need the disc inserted in order to play the game. "We actually think physical discs drive a lot of really positive things. The truth is, games are really big, and the ability to get them down quickly and have them there and play them is key. The ability to go into a store and see a wall of games, to get people to tell you about which games are great and to be able to flip them over and understand them and browse is really great. So actually, we love physical discs. We love being able to use those," Microsoft adds.

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