Microsoft loses Xbox policy director, head of Windows Phone developer experience

Microsoft has been losing a few of its people as of late. Just recently, the head of developer experiences for Windows Phone left the company to work for Amazon and now the company's Xbox policy director has resigned after nearly 18 years with the company.

Microsoft loses Xbox policy director, head of Windows Phone developer experience - - February 4, 2012

Brandon Watson, the head of Windows Phone Developer Experience, is leaving Microsoft to work for Amazon to become the Director of the Kindle Cross Platform team. From what is reported, Watson will be working on the product development roadmap for Kindle apps across all first/third party platforms worldwide, including a Windows Phone app and a Windows 8 app. When asked why, Watson simply stated, "It was a hard decision, but the opportunity placed in front of me that was too big to pass up."

The company's Xbox Live policy and enforcement director, Stephen Toulouse, is also leaving the company after nearly 18 years on the job. Toulouse was responsible for being the public face for all things Xbox Live. In other words, he managed complaints and user bans as well as suspensions. Toulouse described his position as "[making] the Xbox Live experience a consistent, safe, and enjoyable one." Toulouse plans on leaving the company on the 15th of February to "explore other opportunities." In a letter to co-workers, Toulouse stated, "My reasons for leaving are complex and personal, but the parting could not be more amicable. I continue to believe this place makes great technology, and I am absolutely thrilled for the future of Xbox and Xbox Live."

Wonder whats going on over at Amazon?

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