Microsoft loses one: Airbus to shift 130k staffers from Office to Google G Suite

European aeronautical giant Airbus is reportedly moving away from the Microsoft Office environment to adopt Google G Suite. According to a memo to staff that The Register has been able to read, Airbus CEO Tom Enders explained that choosing G Suite was “a strategic choice, a clean break with the past while assuring business continuity.”

It’s not exactly clear why Airbus didn’t choose Office 365 to accomplish its digital transformation. In the memo, Enders said that “we need technology that actively supports our new ways of working, modern digital tools that allow us to be fully collaborative, to work across our many different team, across border and time zones - to truly be one.”

This still represents a “major transformative step” for the company, which will need to form its workforce to use Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and other Google productivity apps. “We expect it to take up to 18 months to reach every one of our 130,000 employees but our teams are already starting to work on a plan which will involve you and of course our social partners,” Enders explained. Airbus, Microsoft and Google all declined to comment, but it’s safe to assume that the Redmond giant isn’t happy to lose such a big customer.

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