Microsoft looks to makeover server admin with a new GUI called Project Honolulu

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I hope you're ready for some sexy server admin GUI talk because Microsoft just turned down the lights and put on its Project Honolulu track.

Project Honolulu is Microsoft's new browser-based graphical management tool that stands in opposition of most of its efforts to make Windows 10 less GUI-dependant as it explores expansions into new environments such as IoT and Nano Servers.

According to a report from ArsTechnica, Microsoft will soon be making available a preview of its Windows Server version 1709 that will host this new Project Honolulu GUI. As of right now, that's all that's all the news that has surfaced about this new project, but we're expected to hear more details during Microsoft's Ignite conference happening later this month.

Microsoft looks to makeover server admin with a new gui called project honolulu - onmsft. Com - september 14, 2017

Despite the move to the cloud with emphasis on machine learning and voice activated digital assistances, there are still quite a few instances where fully thought out and imperatively functional GUI is necessary to get things done quickly and Microsoft's Project Honolulu appears to be an attempt at such a task.

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