Microsoft looks to be preparing for a faster Windows 10 Insider system

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Windows 10

Earlier today, Microsoft accidently published a new update on the Insider Hub, which announced changes to the fast Windows Insider ring. The announcement was meant for internal employees and partners only, however it appears the announcement was incorrectly marked as external.

The announcement warns internal users on the fast ring that said ring was about to get even faster, and that if they'd like to stick with the current pace of build drops, should drop to the slow ring immediately. The fast ring will now receive builds as soon as they're ready, instead of being tested by OSG first.

As said above, this announcement was meant for internal users only, meaning us Windows 'Insiders' won't be affected by this change. However, it does seem peculiar as to why Microsoft is making this change internally. Recently, Gabe Aul announced in a blog post that they were considering speeding up the frequency of build drops for the public Windows Insider program.

Windows 10

Perhaps this internal change is in preparation of this new, faster system. The company may be moving everybody up one group, Microsoft testers will now get builds even faster, and as a result us Windows Insiders will receive what those Microsoft testers received prior to this change, which usually consists of a new build drop weekly.

Of course, this is all speculation as of right now. It's still early days, so anything could happen. What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for the tip, Chris G!

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