Microsoft is looking to implement metadata editing for your OneDrive content in Groove Music

Email Twitter: @laurentgiret Aug 17th, 2016 inNews

Nearly two weeks ago, Microsoft pushed an update to the Windows 10 Groove Music app that enabled metadata editing for your local music collection. While this new feature is a nice improvement for those of you who care about maintaining a “clean” music collection, Groove Music users are still not allowed to edit metadata from their tracks stored on OneDrive. However, Software Engineer and Community Manager for Groove Music Ellen Kilbourne shared today in a comment on Microsoft’s Answers forums that the company could soon remove this limitation (via The Digital Lifestyle):

The blocker to allowing you to edit metadata for OneDrive content is a technical one that we’re investigating.

We guess that many users who rely on Microsoft’s digital music locker can’t wait to get the ability to edit their online music collection: as of today, it seems that Groove Music can sometimes fail to read metadata correctly for some of your OneDrive tracks, as you can see in the screenshot below:


An album full of unrecognized tracks from different artists.

An album full of unrecognized tracks from different artists.

Do you use the Groove Music app to play your tracks from OneDrive, and would you like to be able to edit metadata on your online music collection? Let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to see this feature get implemented in Groove Music.

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