Microsoft looking to hire Program Manager/Producer for ‘future initiatives in cloud gaming’

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Microsoft is looking to hire someone to fill the role of “Program Manager/Producer” who will be a part of the software giant’s ‘future initiatives in cloud gaming.’ But what exactly does this role consist of?

“You will work across internal teams, and with external development partners to drive experiences in gaming that have not been possible before and have not been done before. This is a special opportunity, it’s new, challenging and requires a mindset that is biased for action and an attitude of dogged determination,” the job description reads.

As you just read, this job position is a special opportunity for driving experiences in gaming that have not been possible in the past. The position requires you to work directly with an Executive Producer and involves the creation of new AAA player experiences driven by the cloud.

What exactly does Microsoft have up its sleeve? Could we be seeing more cloud-based gaming in the near future when it comes to the Xbox console? Microsoft may shed light on this on May 21st when the company is expected to reveal its newest Xbox entertainment console.

Do you have what it takes? Check out the job listing here.

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