Microsoft looking for developer submissions for its Bot Directory -
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Microsoft looking for developer submissions for its Bot Directory

Developers interested in a future where messaging platforms are chock-full of chat and product bots should get their creative juices primed. A tipster over at Windows Central informs the site that Microsoft is now accepting submissions to fill out its Bot Directory.

At Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference, the company made a sustainably huge pitch that developers should be interested in the world of third-party chat bots as a means of product placement, revenue and Software as a Service model going forward. Paired with Microsoft’s open sourced Bot Framework, developers can position themselves front and center of evolving consumer usage trends that are flowing to messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, What’s App, WeChat and others.

According to an email sent from Microsoft to interested developers, it seems as though the Bot Directory is beginning the arduous process of review and approval of chat bots prior to the Directory being fully accessible to consumers.

  • The Bot Directory, the public directory of bots registered with Bot Framework, is now open to developers for bot submission and review. The Bot Directory itself isn't live yet, but when it is available, users will be able to discover, try, and add bots to their favorite conversation experiences.
  • Beginning today, those favorite conversation experiences can include Facebook Messenger. With the addition of Facebook Messenger as a supported channel, now your text, image, card, and button capable bots can reach more people across an even broader variety of the world's top conversation experiences – from Skype to Slack to Text/SMS, Office 365 mail and more.

Similar to the cautionary steps the Microsoft Edge team is taking with 3rd party extensions for the browser, the company is hoping to offer consumers an initial batch of curated bot experiences out of the gate. With over 20,000 developers showing interest in Microsoft’s chat bot future, the Bot Directory should offer a wide variety of user-tailored experiences that could help propel, what the company believes, is the next wave of consumer-facing computing.

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