Microsoft looking to build education research and tablet development lab in Turkey

Surface Pro

Microsoft is looking to build an education research and tablet development laboratory in Turkey, according to a new report. Fatih, a municipality and district in Istanbul, Turkey, is at the center of this development.

“Within Fatih, we’re working on establishing the first research and development laboratory in Turkey,” Microsoft Turkey General Manager Tamer Ozmen stated on March 31 in the Turkish province of Bursa, at the Uludag Economy Summit held in the city.

Microsoft is working with the Turkish government to replace traditional blackboards and textbooks in schools with tablets as part of the Fatih project. Microsoft is partnering up with Apple to provide the tablets, possibly including the Surface and iPad.

Details about the laboratory have not been specified but Microsoft is working with Turkey. The Turkish government wants the production of tablets to take place in their country and they want a research and development center to be established within their borders. No word on exactly when this will happen. Approximately 15 million tablets will be purchased for the project.

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