Microsoft Lists on iOS for consumer accounts (MSA) launches in preview

David Allen

Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lits on IOS is now available in preview for those that have a consumer Microsoft account (MSA). The current version of Microsoft Lists in the app store is for those who use commercial (work or school) Microsoft accounts.   You will also need to install  Apple TestFlight as well to access the preview.  Only 10,000 installs are available using TestFlight, so don’t hesitate if you want to try out Lists on iOS.  To get started follow the steps below.

  1. Get the app
  2.  Install the TestFlight app first – sign in with your Microsoft account
  3. Join the “Microsoft Lists” beta (listed within the TestFlight app once you sign in)
  4. Accept, install, sign in with your Microsoft account (within the Lists app), and enjoy

2 easy to start 1

Microsoft Lists allows you to create and share lists on your IOS device and collaborate with those you give access.  When you’re back in front of your larger screens your Lists automatically sync, no need to worry about data loss between devices.  You can learn more by heading over to the Microsoft Lists – Preview page and signup to check out the consumer version of Microsoft Lists.

Image Via Microsoft