Microsoft Limiting Tablet Maker Choices

Microsoft is said to be very controlling when it comes to who and what chip can run the next version of Windows for tablets. Microsoft is insisting that chip-makers limit the use of Windows for tablets to just one computer manufacturer.

As Bloomberg reports, Microsoft has told chip-makers who want to use the upcoming Windows for tablets operating system to work with only one computer manufacturer. This isn’t mandatory but Microsoft is stressing it. Microsoft is able to keep a tight leash over partners and accelerate development and testing by limiting variations. This, Unfortunately, prevents chip and computer makers from building a variety of Windows based tablets to compete with Apple.

Basically, Microsoft is recommending that chip-makers align themselves with just one manufacturer in order to qualify for special incentives which range from features that make the device run better or lower prices for the software.

These restrictions only apply to the Windows for tablets operating system and not the version of Windows 8 that will be released for desktops.

“Microsoft is still in the development process on the next version of Windows, continuing the engineering work with our silicon partners as part of the technology preview we talked about in January. We continue to talk regularly with hardware partners around the world as part of our development process,” said Microsoft in an emailed statement.

J.T. Wang, Acer Chairman and CEO, was quoted in an interview talking about Microsoft and their restrictions with the upcoming Windows for tablet operating system. “They’re really controlling the whole thing, the whole process. They try to set the game rules… all feel it’s very troublesome.”

Microsoft is expected to preview the new Windows for tablets operating system with a touch-screen interface this week.

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