Microsoft to license Kinect to Sony?

The Kinect is a device that was originally developed for the Xbox 360, but the hacking community have managed to get it working on all sorts of other things. With influence from the hacking, Microsoft may plan to begin licensing Kinect for Sony TV and Vizio.

The Daily is reporting that Microsoft may be in early stages of licensing it’s Kinect device to TV companies such as Sony and Vizio.

Microsoft wants the Kinect pushed into as many living rooms as possible, even for those without an Xbox 360. If Microsoft allow this device to be integrated into TVs, it will unlock a whole new consumer market for the company.

The Daily says: “A Kinect-enabled TV would most likely network with local PCs running the next version of Windows and also allow for gesture-based TV control (think: waving your arm to turn the set off). It’s also possible the system would be able to recognize individual people and automatically resume programming where it was left off.”

If Microsoft does begin licensing its Kinect, this could make it a big competitor against the Google TV and the Apple TV.

Remember, these are just rumours and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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