Microsoft launches Windows Embedded 8 for businesses and OEM’s

Windows Embedded 8 Industry

After months of public previews, Microsoft have officially released Windows Embedded 8 for businesses and OEM’s today. “Windows Embedded 8 shortens development cycles and enables device makers to create differentiated, best-in-class products that delight customers and stand out from the competition.” says the Windows Embedded support page.

“Edge devices connected and working in unison with an enterprise’s broader IT infrastructure unleash the potential of the Internet of Things by yielding the actionable data and operational intelligence that drive businesses forward. From the rich, familiar experience of Windows to integrated management, analytics and cloud platforms, Windows Embedded 8 coupled with the full breadth of Microsoft technologies for intelligent systems helps enterprises gain lasting competitive advantages in retail, manufacturing, healthcare and a variety of industries,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of Windows Embedded at Microsoft.

Microsoft have released Windows Embedded 8 in three SKU’s, Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows Embedded 8 Pro and Windows Embedded 8 Industry. The Industry version appears to still be in Release Preview stage.

Microsoft recently debuted Windows Embedded 8 Industry during the Retail Tech Japan trade show, which took place Match 5th to March 7th. Windows Embedded 8 Industry is set to be the sequel to Windows Embedded POS Ready 7 and be a retail platform solution based on Windows 8.

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