Microsoft launches replacement program for Surface Pro 4 devices impacted by screen flickering issue -
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Microsoft launches replacement program for Surface Pro 4 devices impacted by screen flickering issue

Back in February, reports showed some Surface Pro 4 owners started to literally freeze their devices to help resolve screen flickering issues. It was an ongoing problem for more than one and a half years before that, but the saga is now finally coming to a close. Indeed, Microsoft has just announced a replacement program for Surface Pro 4 devices impacted by any screen flickering issues (via The Verge.)

The full terms of the replacement program are available here on the Microsoft Support website. The company explains that it is their priority to create the best products, and based on feedback, they've decided to support customers impacted by screen flickering.

Though the company is still saying only "a small percentage" were impacted by flickering, they will be replacing eligible Surface Pro 4 devices up years from purchase free of charge.  Customers who already paid for out-of-warranty fees to replace flickering screens might also be eligible for a refund and can call Microsoft Support for validation.

There are also some requirements that must be met before calling in for a replacement:

  • The Surface Pro 4 device must be fully updated, and the screen flicking issue must persist even with all current updates installed.
  • It is then recommended to call Microsoft Support, and a replacement refurbished Surface Pro 4 device will be sent within 5-8 business days after the existing device is returned.

All Surface Pro 4 configurations are covered under this program, and it extends to both consumers and commercial customers. It does not apply to devices which were serviced with products not sold by Microsoft, devices which were damaged by an external cause, or repaired by anyone other than Microsoft or authorized retailers or resellers.

Even though this program might be late for some Surface Pro 4 owners, it is nice to see that Microsoft stepped up and did the right thing for affected customers. The company faced a lot of bad press as of recent after Consumer Reports dropped their recommendation of Surface products due to high breakage rates. Microsoft, however, continues to stand by their Surface lineup which might have paid off since Surface revenue went up 32% in the most recent quarter.

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