Microsoft’s Picturesque lets Android users automatically set Bing daily images as their lockscreen

Microsoft launches Picturesque Lock Screen for Android

It has been a source of some ire for Windows Phone users for some time now. Though Microsoft remains committed to developing for it’s home-grown platform, it has also been busy squirreling away, building a number of quality apps for competing operating systems.

This saga continues with another new release from Redmond, this time for Android. The Picturesque Lockscreen, part of the Microsoft Garage project and an Android exclusive, provides users with access to the vast library of beautiful images that adorn Bing. Also included is the ability to search from the lock screen, keep up with the latest news, weather and all of your notifications. Regional calendars are also included, as are camera and phone setting controls, making this quite a comprehensive offering.

Lock Screen

Unfortunately, Picturesque is currently only available in a limited number of regions and users running the latest Android Lollipop update have reported problems running the app. Try it out for yourself by downloading Picturesque from the download link below. We’ve also thrown in links to a Windows 8.1 alternative called Amazing Lock Screen. Enjoy! 

Whether this is another nail in the coffin for Windows Phone, or simply a little love for Android, what is for sure is that Microsoft is committed to providing a quality experience across all of its software. Will you be picking up the lock screen on your Android device? Let us know in the comments below.

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