Microsoft launches the Office Store, allows you to discover and install apps

In a new official blog post, Microsoft introduces the Office Store, which offers integration with Office 2013 and a new opportunity for app developers to earn money. Microsoft has built this store to integrate Office 2013 with the “very best of the web.”

“If you are sent an email from a contact, you should be able to see their LinkedIn details or their sales history right as you read the email. Even better, you should be able to interact with and take action on these other applications right from within the Office clients,” Microsoft explains. The obvious developer benefits are pretty simple as well. Office Store brings forth a new means for app developers to earn money with their productivity apps. The life-cycle of the app is also easily managed through a Seller Dashboard, which allows the developer to see how the app is doing in terms of downloads and purchases, as well the ability to roll out updates.

You can check out the Office Store by using your Microsoft Account and running Office 2013 Customer Preview and visiting the Office Store at

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