Microsoft launches new design ahead of Xbox One launch

Xbox One is almost here! With less than one whole month to go, Microsoft are beginning to make their final preparations in anticipation for the consoles launch. Today, Microsoft pushed out an update for which has given the website a completely new look, matching that of the Xbox One console.

The new design is much more flatter than it was before, which matches up to Microsoft's current Modern UI design that its products have been adopting over the last few months. The website is expected to get more updates as Xbox One launches, as the Xbox One itself introduces new social abilities which are currently unavailable on

You can check out the new design now by visiting

The Xbox One is probably one of Microsoft's biggest product launches this year. Xbox One has had a bumpy ride along its development journey, but as the release date fast approaches it is becoming more and more clear that the Xbox One is going to be a fantastic consoles just as much as its competition will be. The next generation of gaming is just about to start, are you excited?

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