Microsoft launches new Xbox Game Pass Twitter account with insane new commercial

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Microsoft has just launched a separate Twitter account for its Xbox Game Pass subscription service and to get people to follow it, they’ve produced a rather insane little video ad. The commercial’s completely crazy and super-random but also really funny and hits the mark perfectly. You can check it out right here.

The entire Xbox Game Pass Twitter account seems to be just as random as the promo video with a very detailed account description that reads, “100% hand-typed tweets” and a solid sarcastic vibe with its personal replies to gamers.

Xbox Game Pass has grown substantially in regards to the general Xbox brand since it first launched so it makes sense that Microsoft would want a new account where it could heavily promote it further without annoying followers of the main Xbox account who have no interest in Game Pass. The company has also stepped up promotion of the service on Xbox One consoles by adding an Xbox Game Pass section to the dashboard this week.

Are you an Xbox Game Pass user? Do you like the new ad? Let us know in the comments below and then make sure to follow us on Twitter for more Xbox news.

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