Microsoft launches new TV advertisements

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Oct 17th, 2011 inNews

Microsoft is launching a brand new TV advertisement campaign to help promote more products other than it’s popular gaming console, the Xbox 360. The advertisements show off several product’s at once, which has never been done before by the company.

Microsoft is launching this advertisement campaign for one reason, to help promote the fact that they create more than just the Xbox 360. Microsoft to us, is obviously one of the biggest technology focused companies in the world, with the ever-popular Windows operating system and the Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Strategist David Webster said, “If they know we’re the same company that came up with those ideas, and now we have these PCs and phones — they’re more likely to think: ‘Wow, I should check out these PCs and phones.'”

The amount Microsoft spent on these advertisement’s is yet to be announced, but the company did say the spending limit would be significant. The advertisements will be shown in 35 different countries, with the advertisement tagline of “It’s a great time to be a family.”

The advertisement pretty much goes like this, Dad playing an Xbox 360 Kinect game with his daughter filming him on a Windows Phone 7 device. The daughter uploads the video to their computer where her brother edits the video with Windows Live Movie Maker and then uploads it to the web with a Windows 7 machine. It is then played with Windows Media Player.

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