Microsoft launches new Mixer academy for aspiring streamers and moderators

Laurent Giret

Microsoft is launching today a new Mixer Academy for empowering video games enthusiasts to become streamers or moderators on the platform. The program is a bit reminiscent of the Xbox Ambassador program, with different courses to complete and profile badges to unlock as you gain expertise about Microsoft’s live streaming platform.

“At launch, we have three distinct course tracks built to turn you into a bona fide Streamer, Moderator or Power User in your own right,” the Mixer team explained. More courses will be added in the near future, with some of them created by Mixer partners.

You can log in the Mixer Academy today on with your Microsoft account. On arrival, the Mixer Handbook will have everything you know about this new educational platform. Mixer started as a pretty straightforward live streaming platform with a distinctive sub-second latency proposition, but the service has become more complex in recent years with a “Pro” paid tier, a premium currency called Embers, and more. Now seems like an appropriate time to give Mixer users more resources to master the Twitch competitor.