Microsoft launches new Bing Pages for businesses and personalities -
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Microsoft launches new Bing Pages for businesses and personalities

Microsoft has just launched a beta of a new program that allows individuals to control how they appear on its Bing search engine and other Microsoft services (via Windows Central). Currently in beta, Bing Pages allows users to customize their page with content such as social media feeds that they can easily manage.

Microsoft is also making this a great way for individuals to promote their media profiles at no cost, allowing them to better show up on Bing search. Businesses will also benefit from being able to manage their online personas on Microsoft's various other services, such as Outlook.

Heading to the Bing Pages sign-up page will allow you to enter various bits of information, including email, social media accounts, and website address. Interestingly, a Twitter account is required as a means of authenticating your account, however all of the other social media boxes can be filled out optionally.

Details on how the whole process works are a little bit are a little short on its website, likely due to that the program is still in beta. We've filled out the form for On MSFT, and will let you know more about the process in the future (so follow us on Twitter).

What do you think about the new customizable Bing Pages? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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