Microsoft launches MSN Money Now, shows you whats trending when it comes to money

Back in February of 2012, Microsoft launched msnNOW, which provided users an entertaining and unique way to monitor trending news across the internet. Now, Microsoft is launching a similar take on MSN Money. “Money Now brings users smart, original and entertaining takes on the latest business and investing topics that are buzzing on the web,” Microsoft states.

MSN Money Now allows readers to stay on top of the latest money trends. Data is sifted through real-time sources such as Twitter, Bing, and StockTwits, and are filtered every few minutes and displayed in the MSN Money’s Trending block on the site’s sidebar. Readers can also see what financial keywords are trending. The whole purpose of MSN Money Now is to inform and engage readers, according to Microsoft. Head over to MSN Money Now to check it out.

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