Microsoft launches Microsoft Surface Membership payment plans for businesses

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Microsoft has just launched a series of new payment plans to encourage businesses to incorporate their Surface line of devices into their day-to-day operations. The plans appear to be open to both large companies and individual business owners however approval for each plan will come down to the financial agency, LiftForward.

Here's the official spiel: Join now to get the latest Surface devices, including the option to upgrade when available. Keep your business running smoothly in the office or out in the field with support and in-store training, 7 days per week. Plus, manage your budget more easily by choosing affordable monthly payments over costly, one-time purchases.

Surface Membership includes one-on-one personal training that helps you reach new business heights, plus member discounts and in-store and phone support any day of the week. Also includes the Microsoft Complete for Business Extended Service Plan with Accident Damage Protection.

The plans start at $32.99 a month and increase depending on the device wanted. The site currently lists the Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, and the Surface Book as available options and plans can be paid off over an 18, 24, or 30 month period. The plans also include the option for free hardware upgrades if and when new Surface devices are released.

While the plan, like most payment plans like this, is more expensive than buying a device outright, there is the added benefit of in-store and “out in the field” training from Microsoft seven days a week. It’s unclear exactly how extensive or available the “out in the field” training would be.

Members are also promised in-store discounts on other products at Microsoft Stores and a full Microsoft Complete for Business Extended Service Plan with Accident Damage Protection with each plan.

Are you interested in a plan such as this or would you rather pay the full price of a Surface up front? Let us know in the comments below.

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