Microsoft launches hands-on Windows 8 app development virtual labs

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Microsoft has launched a series of new hands-on labs for those interested in Windows 8 app development. These new labs allow you to quickly evaluate and test Microsoft’s newest products and technologies though a series of guided, hands-on labs that can be completed in 90 minutes or less.

Microsoft has put together several new hands-on labs where developers can learn how to code Metro style apps. “Step into these virtual labs and learn how to build, share and sell interesting and easy-to-use applications that will make your customers happy. Virtual labs are simple – no complex setup or installation required,” Microsoft explains. In order for the labs to work, you will need to be on Internet Explorer and you will then be remotely logged into a virtual Windows 8 instance. Here are some examples of the labs you can work on:

MSDN Virtual Lab: Windows 8: Lab 1 – Creating a Windows 8 Metro Style App – C#

“Contoso Cookbook is a series of hands on labs designed to immerse you into Windows 8 Metro style app development. In this first lab in the series, you will use XAML and C# to create the application, implement navigation, download the data from Windows Azure (or load it locally if you don’t have an Internet connection), and connect the data to controls using data binding.”

MSDN Virtual Lab: Windows 8: Lab 7: Tiles and Notifications – JavaScript
“In this lab, you will get first-hand experience with secondary tiles, push notifications, and toasts by adding them to Contoso Cookbook. At the conclusion, users will be able to pin favorite recipes to the start screen with secondary tiles, see tiles updated by the Windows Notification Service, and see scheduled toasts in action.”

Head over to the source link to try out these labs.

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