Microsoft launches global Bing Ads fan program for the most dedicated advertisers

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Microsoft today announced the launch of the Bing Ads fan community program. The initiative is aimed at the most dedicated Bing advertisers and is Microsoft’s way of expressing appreciation for those who help drive the Bing Ads platform.

“We want to ensure we get key info to you, our fans, so you have greater insight into Bing Ads with opportunities to improve product features and solve problems,” the company explained in a blog post. ” We need to hear your feedback and we want to share your success stories—because we only succeed when you do too.”

In addition to insider news and special opportunities to share feedback with the team, Bing Ads fans will also be eligible for some “exciting treats and gifts,” the company said. Bing Advertisers wanting to sign up will have to provide contact information, their social media channels, and their Bing Ads account numbers.

Microsoft is teasing that more details will be coming soon for those who sign-up, so it is best to keep an eye on the Bing Ads Twitter for more information.

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