Microsoft launches GitHub Copilot for Business with new capabilities

Kevin Okemwa

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GitHub Copilot for Business

In 2021, Microsoft partnered with OpenAI to launch GitHub Copilot in preview, an AI programming tool designed to help developers to write better code. The company then released it to general availability at an affordable cost of $10/month.

The extension has since received an array of features and updates, designed to enhance productivity and promote efficiency for developers by eliminating menial code work. Taking it a notch higher, Microsoft announced the availability of GitHub Copilot for Business at $19 per month.

Since its inception, individuals have leveraged its functions to make coding a bit easier for them. GitHub sites that the tool has helped developers “code up to 55% faster.” Microsoft is now looking to tap into an audience with this new offering by availing it to every developer, team, organization, and enterprise.

What’s more, GitHub Copilot for Business features “a more advanced OpenAI model and new capabilities to bring even greater benefits to organizations.” Here’s everything you need to know:

Based on the statistics shared by GitHub,  developers used the extension to write 27% of their code. GitHub further highlighted that “our research shows that 90% of developers using GitHub Copilot report completing tasks faster, with 73% better able to stay in the flow and conserve mental energy.”

Moving forward, GitHub intends to integrate the extension into every aspect of the developer’s experience. Do you use GitHub Copilot? Share your experience with us below.