Microsoft launches ‘Chip In’ program to help students crowdsource their new PC or tablet

Microsoft launches 'Chip In' program

Microsoft has launched a new program for students and parents to obtain a new Windows 8 PC or tablet, complete with Office 365 University, via crowdsourcing. Microsoft will also “chip in” 10% of the computer’s cost right off the bat.

“We want to make sure everyone is starting this school year off on the right foot. So today, Microsoft is launching a program to help students and parents purchase a new Windows PC or Tablet for school that is complete with the latest and most complete set of Office applications,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Students with a valid .edu email address can utilize crowdsourcing to help gather funds to purchase a PC or tablet of their choosing via the Microsoft Store.

Crowdsourcing, for those that didn’t know, is the practice of obtaining needed services or products by soliciting contributions from a larger group of people.

The process is relatively simple. Students can head over to and select the PC they desire and want to recieve funding for. Create an account and ask friends and family to “chip in” so you can snag that PC or tablet for school. Once the student fully funds the cost of the desired PC, Microsoft will include Office 365 University for free and there will be no shipping, handling, or tax! This program runs from June 4th to September 1st of this year.

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