Microsoft launches brand new features to all Hotmail accounts

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Microsoft recently talked about some of the new features they had been working on for the Hotmail email service. Today, the company has launched those new features for all of it’s users on Hotmail.

Microsoft launches brand new features to all Hotmail accounts - - December 17, 2011

The official Windows Team Blog has today launched new features for it’s Hotmail service. Many of the new features that Microsoft released today, were talked about in a blog post by Microsoft back in October.

Some of the new features include One-click subscribe, which allows you to unsubscribe to an email listing that you no longer need. Schedule cleanup which allows you to delete messages after a certain amount of time and more.

Microsoft have also created a Hotmail app for Android phones. The app includes full EAS support, which will allow you to sync all of your email, calendars and contacts. You can also add multiple Hotmail accounts on the same device, and display new notifications on the homescreen.

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