Microsoft Launcher v5.4.0 is out in beta, adds Android work profile support -
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Microsoft Launcher v5.4.0 is out in beta, adds Android work profile support

Beta testers of Microsoft Launcher for Android now have a new update to test: version 5.4. The update brings UI improvements to the Status Bar and System Navigation to give it a more consistent look and feel thoughout the rest of the app. Additionally, users with Android enterprise accounts will also now be able to view their Personal and Work apps separately from within the app drawer. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Try out our new Cricket widget to keep track of your favorite teams in the Cricket World Cup!( available in GB, PK, AU and IN)
  • Improvements to Status bar and System Navigation to match theme
  • Android Work Profile customers can view Personal and Work apps separately in the App Drawer.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

As per the app’s new tech community recent posting on the update, the development team is also making other experimental UI changes, so users are encouraged to provide feedback on not just this, but the other additions and changes, as well.

If you want to give it a try for yourself, you can download the latest Microsoft Launcher beta update by heading to the app’s beta page and signing up to “become a tester,” and then downloading the app using our link below. Alternatively, you can get the latest stable version by skipping the signing up part, and going straight to the download link.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
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