Microsoft Launcher updates on Android with new features for Surface Duo and other smartphones

Brad Stephenson

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Microsoft Launcher app icon.

The Microsoft Launcher app updated to Version 6.2.201202.93346 recently. This latest update added a number of new features for Surface Duo dual-screen smartphones such as drag-and-drop and two-app group creation and also made a variety of improvements overall all for all supported Android smart devices.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • Support app group creation with drag-and-drop on Surface Duo
  • Improvements on overview mode in page deletion on Surface Duo
  • Support app group creation with two Edge apps on Surface Duo
  • Work profile setup optimization via feed page
  • Design improvements on error widget view to launch associated app
  • Bug fix on icon pack reset after app re-start
  • Bug fix on swipe up gesture to trigger shortcuts page
  • Design improvement on app paddings in folder

This update was quite a bit bigger than the previous one which mostly consisted of bug fixes and minor design improvements.

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